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Acclaimed Non-Medical Home Health Care for Children & Adults

Providing High-Quality Care


Employment with Acclaimed Home Care

Are you the right person for our clients?

Acclaimed Home Care only employs the highest standard of caregivers. We look for people who love taking care of others and see it as a virtue and not just a pay check.

We employ caregivers who understand the needs of the client they are caring for and who will turn up to their shifts on time and every time they are scheduled to be with a client.

We also look for caregivers who understand the rules and are prepared to follow ALL our policies and procedures as approved by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Are you looking for a rewarding Career

Here at Acclaimed Home Care we are looking to keep our caregivers and reward them for outstanding work ethics and high standards of care to all our clients. All of our promotions are offered to caregivers who have shown growth and aspiration for the positions first. If there are no suitable candidates, we will then put the position out into the community.

Our goal is to help our staff grow with us and share in the company successes.

Ideal Caregivers

The ideal caregiver is one that has verifiable experience of at least one year as a caregiver to someone other than a relative except for those caregivers under the IHSS program.

As well as Caregiver positions we also offer supervisory positions. 

      Geographic Service Area: ADAMS, ARAPAHOE, BOULDER, BROOMFIELD, CROWLEY, CUSTER, DENVER, DOUGLAS, ELBERT, EL PASO,                                                              FREMONT, JEFFERSON, LINCOLN, OTERO, PARK, PUEBLO, TELLER


                                                                                                        Bolder, Broomfield


Each supervisor is responsible for   the following:

1. Hiring and firing of their Caregivers

2. Scheduling

3. Competency management of new caregivers

4. Training of Caregivers including all mandatory CEUs as ordered by CDPHE.

5. Ensuring their caregivers are up to date on flu   shots annually. 

6. Supervisory Visits

7. Unannounced visits

All Supervisors will report directly to the administrator. Caregivers will report to their designated Supervisor.

Company Growth

As Acclaimed Home Care grows , we will then expand our number of Supervisors in line with reasonable case loads.

It is our policy that all our clients receive the highest standards of care and therefore we need to have supervisors in place to ensure this happens at all times by offering training to staff where necessary and using their knowledge of personality types to match our clients to suitable caregivers.

Again for those people who are looking to manage the agency itself in a particular area, we will be offering Administrator positions to our supervisors as the business expands.

This is an exciting time for our company and we hope you will join us on this fabulous journey.

To apply for a position with Acclaimed Home Care, Please click on the Apply Now link and it will take you to our application.


If you have additional questions, please email us at

Employment with Acclaimed Home Care

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